Led Zeppelin IV
Led Zeppelin IV
Album by Led Zeppelin


November 8, 1971


December 1970 to March 1971


42: 25




Jimmy Page


Led Zeppelin III


Houses of the Holy


"Black Dog," "Rock and Roll," "Misty Mountain Hop," and "Four Sticks"

Led Zeppelin IV is, in truth, the untitled fourth album of British rock group Led Zeppelin.  It was released in 1971.  Led Zeppelin IV is known worldwide as the greatest Led Zeppelin album and quite possibly the greatest album of all time.  The album is most notable for the famous songs, "Black Dog," "Rock and Roll," and their most popular work, "Stairway to Heaven."


  1. "Black Dog"
  2. "Rock and Roll"
  3. "Battle of Evermore"
  4. "Stairway To Heaven"
  5. "Misty Mountain Hop"
  6. "Four Sticks"
  7. "Going To California"
  8. "When The Levee Breaks"


Led Zeppelin IV has sold 37,000,000 copies worldwide, and is the highest-selling Led Zeppelin album. Zeppelin fans around the globe claim that IV is the greatest album in the world, despite the many opinions and overratings that rock magazines give to albums by Bob Dylan and The Beatles.

British rock magazine Classic Rock has ranked Led Zeppelin IV as #1 on the Classic Rock Greatest Rock Albums Ever. Rolling Stone has ranked the album #66 in their 500 Greatest Albums of All-Time list.

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