Swan Song Records was a label created by Led Zeppelin on May 10, 1974 after Led Zeppelin's five year contract with Atlantic Records expired at the end of 1973. It was overseen by Peter Grant, the manager of Led Zeppelin, and was used to promote the band's own products. They signed other bands that found it difficult to sign to other major labels. Swan Song ceased active operations in 1983, and now exists only to reissue previously released material.


  • Peter Grant - President
  • Danny Goldbery - Vice President (US) (1974-1976)
  • Abe Hoch - Vice President (UK) (1975-1976)
  • Alan Callan - Vice Preseident (1977-1983)
  • Led Zeppelin - Executive Producers
  • Phil Carson - Atlantic Records liaison
  • Steve Weiss - Attorney (US)
  • Joan Hudson Attorney (UK)
  • Mark London - Band Secuirty
  • John Bindon - Security (1977)
  • Mitchell Fox, Nancy Gurskik - Assistant (US)
  • Unity Maclean, Carole Brown, Cynthia Sach, Sian Meredith - Assistants (UK)

Artists signed to labelEdit

  • Bad Company
  • The Pretty Things
  • Dave Edmunds
  • Mirabi
  • Maggie Bell
  • Midnight Flyer
  • Jimmy Page
  • Robert Plant
  • Detective
  • Sad Cafe

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