The Song Remains the Same is the sondtrack to the film of the same name. It is Led Zeppelin's second last album. 



  1. "Rock & Roll"
  2. "Celebration Day"
  3. "The Song Remains The Same"
  4. "Rain Song"
  5. "Dazed and Confused"
  6. "No Quarter"
  7. "Stairway To Haven"
  8. "Moby Dick"
  9. "Whole Lotta Love"


  1. "Rock & Roll"
  2. "Celebration Day"
  3. "Black Dog"
  4. "Over The Hills and Far Away"
  5. "Misty Mountain Hop"
  6. "Since I've Been Loving You"
  7. "No Quarter"
  8. "The Song Remains The Same"
  9. "The Rain Song"
  10. "The Ocean"
  11. "Dazed and Confused"
  12. "Stairway To Heaven"
  13. "Moby Dick"
  14. "Heartbreaker"
  15. "Whole Lotta Love"

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